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Join us for our first 2015 CSM MASS & DINNER
Date: Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Mass Location: Meet at 4:15pm for 4:30pm Mass
Church of the Holy Spirit
1800 E. Libra Dr. Tempe, AZ

Dinner Location: Meet at 5:45pm
6440 S. Rural Rd. Tempe AZ
(Rural & Guadalupe)
 RSVP if you wish to Karina at 480-298-5158

Join us for our first 2015 CSM Potluck Picnic
Date: Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Picnic Location: Meet from 11am - 3pm
Ramada in Scottsdale, AZ
Food, Fellowship & Fun
 RSVP to Victor at 480-892-2076

CSM One day retreat in May or June: TBD

If you have any questions, please email:CSM

CSM gratefully acknowledges everyone
for their generosity and support to1st Way
over the past five years!!!
(They are so grateful and appreciative!)
We are proud to support this ministry.
Read Karina's and Monica's quotes
in USA Today MID-LIFE SINGLES section of:
Isolated Americans Trying to Connect

Read about CSM in Unmarried America:
Column One by Thomas F. Coleman (2006)
Religious outreach programs target singles









Catholic Singles Ministry's (CSM) focus is spiritual growth, fellowship and service to God's Community. This lay ministry provides an opportunity for singles ages 35 and up to encourage, receive, and give support to each other in our Faith Journey.

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Questions?  Email CSM or a Board officer:

Marketing: Karina
Service: Victor
St. Mary's Food Bank appreciation letter!
Social: Abby
Spiritual: Mike

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 Special Thanks to all those who have volunteered
 their time, talent and treasure in service to CSM as Board Officers:

 Janine A.: 2 yrs Ofc., Co-Founder
 Bill B.: 2 yrs Ofc., Co-Founder
 Mary B.: CSM 12 Dir, 2 yrs Chm.,4 yrs Ofc.
 Monica C.: CSM 11 Dir, 2 yrs Ofc.
 Sylvia C.: CSM 8 Co-Dir.
 Carol E.: 2 yrs Ofc.
 Theresa H.: CSM 12 Co-Dir, 4 yrs Ofc.
 Joe H.: CSM 1 & 10 Dir, CSM 7 Co-Dir, Co-Founder
 Gloria J.: CSM 9 Dir, 4 yrs Ofc.
 Charlie J.: CSM 8 Co-Dir, 4 yrs Ofc.
 Margaret J. (fomerly T.): 4 yrs Ofc.
 Bob M.: CSM 1 Co-Dir, Co-Founder
 Elaine M.: 2 yrs Chm.,4 yrs Ofc.
 Susan M.: CSM 5 Co-Dir, 4 yrs Chm.
 Mike M.: CSM 8 Dir, 4 yrs Ofc.
 Karen N.: CSM 5 Dir, 4 yrs Ofc.
 Tricia R.: 2 yrs Ofc., Co-Founder
 Judy R.: 2 yrs Ofc.
 Patty S.: CSM 6 Dir, 2 yrs Ofc.
 Monica S.: CSM 7 Dir, 2 yrs Ofc.
 Glen S.: 2 yrs Ofc.
 Tom T.: 4 yrs Ofc., Co-Founder

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